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Android Netrunner Playmat: The Root

Android Netrunner Playmat: The Root
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Launch into the futuristic world of Android and Android: Netrunner with The Root Playmat. Featuring the futuristic art shared by the Android: Netrunner card of the same name, The Root Playmatimmerses you more deeply in the game's near-dystopian future, where colossal towers stretch beyond Earth's atmosphere and the all-encompassing network plays host to an incomprehensible wealth of collected human knowledge. Built nearly as well as the colossal "Beanstalk" it displays, this stunning playmat will help to protect your cards from cracks, splinters, and other imperfections in your table.

Like each Android Playmat, this stylish and thematic playmat is made from natural rubber, coated with a durable polyester fabric, and decorated with an eye-catching art piece that presents a perfect, complementary surface for your high-stakes cyberstruggles.

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